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Personalised Photo Slate Square

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Our personalised photo slates make the perfect unique keepsake gift and are printed to a very high quality with a gloss finish. These can be customised with any photograph that you like, and can be printed in either colour or black & white. 

Why not show off one of your favourite photos on one of our stunning photo slates? 

Each of our slates are printed and pressed by hand, meaning we ensure the absolute best quality for each. These are perfect for pictures of pets, weddings, memorial keepsakes of loved ones, anniversary gifts, baby picture keepsakes etc. The possibilities are endless!

*1 Personalised, printed photo slate
*Each slate has the stand included
*Every slate is original in terms of their rock edging cut / shape

Material & Size

• Available in both Small, and Medium sizes
• Small: 14cm x 14cm
• Medium: 19cm x 19cm (+£3)
• Please note, these do have a white edging and depending on the exact cut of each slate, this is sometimes visible towards the very outer edge of the image as the slate naturally cuts away
• Beautiful quality and fairly heavy in weight
• Each slate has the stand included

 ⭐ Your Photo ⭐

•Please keep each person / key focus of the photo away from the very edge when you upload your image. Anything too close to the edge has a chance of being cut off due to each slate being cut slightly differently, therefore making the edging different on each. Please ensure that no-one is right at the edge of the photo when you crop / upload it and it will print perfectly fine.

 • Screenshots are always lower quality than the original image, images also sent and saved via certain popular messaging apps will also make an image smaller.

• Please upload the highest quality photo that you have, as we can only print the image as clearly as it has been sent to us.


• Do not display the photo slate in direct sunlight, as this will cause the image to fade over time

• These slates are not UV protected and are therefore not made to be placed outdoors. You can apply a layer of clear varnish spray which should help them last longer against the sun, but we do not sell these as outdoor slates.

Production Time (time for us to make your order)

• Orders sent out within 3 working days

Shipping Time

• Rough guide after production time is 3-5 working days

• Please be aware that due to the recent pandemic, Royal Mail may experience some delays with delivery estimates which is sadly out of our control

Additional Information

*Colours may appear slightly different due to all screens and monitors not all being calibrated the exact same* 

Customer Reviews

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Mandy Haxby

I’m so pleased with the photo of my local cygnets on the slate, it looks beautiful, so well made and presented

Extra Information

Production Times

Since some of our items are hand finished or personalised, please see each of their full descriptions for the production time that it takes us to make each. Shipping times are then on top of this. If no production time is shown, these items will be dispatched within 3 working days.


Shipping within the UK takes roughly 3-5 working days (after production time). Please note that at the moment Royal Mail are experiencing some delays with delivery, so we thank you for your patience at this time.

Changing Order Details

Once an order has been placed, we must be contacted via email within 2 hours with any requests to change personalised details, or address etc. Once this window of time has passed, unfortunately we are unable to alter any order details.