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Wax Melt Burner & 3 Soy Wax Melt Heart Bags Set

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These beautiful soy wax melt hearts are all poured by hand by ourselves here at our small Manchester-based business. Each one is made up of premium soy wax and the highest level of fragrance oil to ensure that each smells divine!  

Our wax burner set contains 3 different bags of soy wax melt hearts, each in its own fragrance. So that's 3 bags (6 hearts per bag) which equals approximately 90 hours of melt time.

You will also receive a lovely 10cm mini wax melt burner in white ceramic, with a beautiful heart cut-out design. Each will also come with 1 standard, non-scented tealight ready to melt your first piece of wax with.

Pine x 1 Bag

Black Raspberry & Vanilla x 1 Bag

Cinnamon Orange x 1 Bag

Mini 10cm Wax Melt Burner x 1

3 Bags of Soy Wax Melt Hearts (6 hearts per bag)

* 3 x Bags of 6 soy wax melt hearts
* Fragrances in (Pine), (Black Raspberry & Vanilla) and (Cinnamon Orange)
* Each wax melt heart, weighs approximately 6g
* Simply add 1 or 2 heart shapes to a wax melt burner to enjoy
* Approximately 10 hours of melt time per 1/2 hearts
* Using wax melts requires a wax burner
* Size of each heart approx. 2.7cm x 2 cm x 1.5cm
* Size of wax burner is 10cm tall, 8cm wide
* Photo props not included

Size of each individual heart may differ ever so slightly, as we do hand-pour each of our soy wax melts.

What are Wax Melts?

Wax melts are designed to be heated gently, which then allows them to melt completely and release their stunning fragrance. They come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, and are meant for use within a wax burner. 

How to use Wax Melts

Simply take 1 or 2 hearts at a time and pop into your wax burner using a standard non-scented tealight. Each 1/2 hearts typically lasts between 2 and 3 full tealight burns (around 10 hours of lovely fragrance). Once the wax no-longer produces a strong scent, simply discard this and replace with a new wax melt piece.

We always recommend using a wax burner that is specifically designed for wax melts. There are lots of wax warmers or burners available, but some that are not specifically designed for wax melts could reach temperatures which are too high. This can then cause the fragrance to burn out much more quickly and even worse, could become dangerous. Always ensure that the burner that you are using is safe for wax melts. We recommend the wax melt burners which use a small 2-4 hour tealight under them, and are not electric. Never use larger tealights as this can cause a fire hazard. Never leave wax burners unattended when lit.



Our wax melts simply smell similar to a perfume or well-known scent. Our versions are made with fragrance oils which, despite smelling similar, are definitely NOT to be confused with the originals (the copyright and name trademarks for these lie with their own designers and manufacturers, of which Special Little Thoughts has no affiliation with). 

This description is solely to give the customer an idea of the overall scent tones, and is not intended to mislead or confuse the customer; or infringe on the manufacturers / designers name and valuable trademark. The interpretation of the fragrance oil used, was created through chemical analysis and reproduction.

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